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Trout Tower Service LLC

We are a full service telecommunications construction company. We specialize in large and small projects. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

We do it right the first time.

A Culture of Safety and Responsibility

From day one Trout Tower Service has lived in a culture of safety and responsibility. Trout Tower Service has intertwined our Environmental, Quality and Safety Programs to ensure each program supports the other. We believe that the three programs keep our crews and clients safe from accidents, while providing a better quality of service.

Safety Culture

With our comprehensive safety program we are proud to be able to say that to date we have had zero OSHA reportable incidents.

A Culture that Promotes Quality

From the moment Trout Tower Service accepts a job the quality assurance process starts.

  • Vendor Management: Our vendor are constantly being evaluated on the quality and timely delivery of materials to our warehouse.
    • Materials are inspected upon arrival at our warehouse for any defects in workmanship and specifications.
    • These reports are reviewed quarterly and any repeating issues or concerns are addressed with the vendor
  • Construction Management:
    • All phases of construction are inspected and documented.
    • Issues are addressed as they are discovered, with preventive measures put in place to prevent reoccurrences.
    • These reports are reviewed quarterly to address issues with our quality process.
  • Client Delivery:
    • Once the project is completed all reports are submitted to the our clients. This allows our clients to know the quality of the products and service they received.

Environmental Responsibility

Trout Tower Service knows we have to be responsible stewards of the environment. Trout Tower Service LLC is committed to protecting the environment. Our objective is to achieve the highest level of environmental protection throughout all phases of our operations. This is based on the philosophy that the damage to the environment can be prevented and that a 'Minimum Environmental Impact' goal is achievable.

Meet Zeus the Husky. He is Trout Tower Service's senior Field Superintendent. Our Safety Culture is reflected by some of Zeus's musing. Check back frequently for some of Zeus's wisdom when it comes to safety.

February 2023: "I failed a Health and Safety course at work today. One of the questions was: 'In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?' 'Big Ones' was apparently the wrong answer!"