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David Trout, Managing Member

David M. Trout is currently a Managing Member at Trout Tower Service LLC. David specializes in RAN deployment, with extensive knowledge of Site Acquisition, Supply Logistics, Construction, and Integration. During his 23 years as in the telecommunication industry David has worked for Ericsson and owned three different construction and consulting companies.

Some of David’s highlights in RAN Deployment include 1,791 sites on air in 2012 and 1,867 sites on air in 2103. In 2011 David consulted with U.S. Cellular for their first ever LTE RAN deployment achieving 419 sites on air. David has also consulted with the New York State Police and Connecticut State Police, both of which completed a complete overhaul of their 2-way radio and In-Car IoT systems.

David is a studied at the University of California, Berkeley where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He later attended Colorado Technical University and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration.