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Structural Inspections and Tower Mappings

Structural Inspection

Today’s tower owners are facing a tougher marketplace. The tightening zoning regulations have caused the industry to have aging assets. As assets age the need for minor routine maintenance and scheduled inspections increases. With the changes in technology creating heavier loads on towers, the recent storms and high wind events tower loading is becoming a critical issue. Projects such as colocation of equipment, retrofitting projects and raw land builds require inspections to ensure the contractor followed all industry standards and project specifications.

Tower Mappings

With the advancing of technology carriers are adding more equipment to towers at a faster pace. Between 5g, IoT and modifications to existing infrastructure tower owners are finding undocumented equipment on their towers. Not only does this affect the structural loading of the tower; it also can result in an incorrect RF safety assessment. Revenue streams are highly impacted by accurate mappings, from appropriate billing for equipment on the tower, to being able to know if another tenant can be accommodated. Also, a lot of minor issues can be addressed during the process of a mapping as well.

TIA Recommendations

TIA Recommendations First Annual 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Major Environmental Event
Visual Monopole   X      
Climbing Monopole X     X X
Visual Self Support   X      
Climbing Self Support X     X X
Visual Guyed   X      
Climbing Guyed X   X   X
Lighting System X X     X
Grounding System X X     X